Wing Chun Portal (WCP) offers new and empowering learning opportunities that complement, expand upon, and add a different perspective to the techniques you’re currently being taught.

WCP aims to provide excellent training resources in all areas of martial arts, especially in relation to Wing Chun kung fu.   

We believe through this type of training, we can develop an excellent physical and mental foundation, that will dramatically enhance your quality of life.

By Sigung Joe Molnar

Suitable from beginner to advanced levels. Coving all aspects of Wing Chun training, including Forms, Wooden Dummy, Drills and theory.

  • FREE access, no payment details required

  • NEW Detailed video lessons added weekly

  • Discuss each lesson, and ask questions

  • Community Support Forum

By Sifu Peter Atkin

  • Over 2 hours of detailed video instruction

  • Includes all techniques trained from all Wing Chun forms

  • Clear demonstrations to follow, with real application examples

By Sigung Joe Molnar

Suitable from beginner to advanced levels, this detailed training on the 1-inch punch, created by Sigung Joe Molnar, Wing Chun Grand Master and co-founder of Management Tree, focuses on developing the foundation needed to safely and effectively apply the famous 1-inch punch.

  • Detailed video instructions to develop excellent technique

  • 6 Week guided program

  • Detailed plans for Power Punch Bench 1.0

  • Community Support Forum

With Sifu Peter Atkin

Young Dragons is an excellent introduction to Wing Chun Kung Fu, and suitable for children aged 6-to-12 years. The online program created by Sigung Joe Molnar, is presented by Sifu Peter Atkins, who has 26-years’ experience as a Wing Chun practitioner and instructor.

  • Detailed video instructions

  • Wing Chun stances

  • Footwork

  • Wing Chun punches & kicks

  • Wing Chun defence techniques

  • Drills to improve technique

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