Regular mental tune-ups help you to manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and boost your mental health for a life well lived. Mental tune-ups come in many forms, including practising mindfulness and emotional intelligence—and by challenging your cognitive behaviours. You will find modules and courses on these, and other related topics, within this section.

  • Mental agility

    Daily life can bring with it many challenges, particularly if we are already feeling under pressure. The ability to move through daily challenges in a healthy way requires mental agility, learn about it here!

  • Mental resilience

    We all face difficulty, and at times we live through trauma and tragedy. These things can have an enormous impact on our mental health, but with resilience we can start to recover and spring back. Learn how to be more mentally resilient through Management Tree's training.

  • Mental fitness

    Mental fitness is all about keeping your brain active and healthy, and just like your body, where there is activity, there also needs to be rest. Our courses will help you stay mentally fit, and teach you to decompress.

There's a lot going on up there, look after it!

Think of all the things you take care of on a daily basis. Caring for children, parents, family and friends, meeting the demands and challenges of work, running a home, getting through school or uni, working on your physical fitness. Life is busy and in amongst all of the things we do, when do we stop to service our mind? To maintain good mental health, we need to service our mind, so learn about your mind, work it, and rest it.