Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, learn new physical skills, or even work on your thinking, having good physical health is crucial to your success. You will find modules and courses on physical health, and other related topics, such as Mobility, Strength and Skill training within this section. The Wing Chun Portal approaches all of these topics and more, providing age-old and proven methods for optimal physical health.

  • Mobility

    Good mobility reduces the risk of injuries, as well as improving the quality of your movements through life. We've heard the stories from people who suffer with mobility problems, and experienced them first-hand. Here, we bring you the tools to nurture your mobility.

  • Strength

    Strength training not only benefits muscle, it also increases bone density, burns calories and can improve your mood. Strength training is a focal point of the modules and courses offered here at management Tree.

  • Skill

    Coordination, balance, accuracy and technique are key skills in physical agility. With the right teachings, practise, and a determined mind, you will master these key skills, and you're in the right place to achieve that!

Physical Training Wing Chun Style

Few sports offer the full range of benefits that Martial Arts training does. Wing Chun kung fu comes with an impressive line up of benefits that is not limited to age, size or strength. The Wing Chun Portal provides excellent courses for beginner or advanced levels.


  • Do you have to be young to benefit from Wing Chun training?

    No. Benefits can be achieved from any age. Wing Chun has an incredible amount of options that can suit all levels of skill and ability.

  • Is Wing Chun hard to train?

    Whilst it can take time to develop practical reflexes, Wing Chun is not difficult to learn or train in. Something can take time to perfect, but not be difficult to learn, this is the case with Wing Chun.

  • Is Wing Chun better than other martial arts?

    Yes and No. It's a matter of connecting with a style and instruction method that suits you. For some, Wing Chun will fit perfectly, whilst for others a different style may suit them better. The only way to know for sure is to participate and evaluate over time.