Online Young Dragons 2

Suited to children aged 6-to-12 years, Online Young Dragons 2 follows on from Online Young Dragons 1. In this course, children complete basic training on Wing Chun footwork, and expand their learning with lessons on new kicks and drills.

  • 20+ Detailed Video Instructions

  • Advanced Wing Chun Footwork

  • 5 NEW kicks

  • 3 NEW Wing Chun Defences

  • 4 Kick combinations

  • 4 NEW drills to improve technique

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Michael Barry

The videos were helpful and easy to follow. I like that all the techniques had the benefits and prices listed.

The videos were helpful and easy to follow. I like that all the techniques had the benefits and prices listed.

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Peter Atkin

Sifu Peter Atkin began training Wing Chun in 1994, and after training under several instructors, in 1996 Sifu Peter met his Wing Chun Sifu, Sigung Joe Molnar, who he trains and collaborates with to this day. Over the years, Sifu Peter, who holds a Master level in Wing Chun Kung Fu, has taught many students from different walks of life, among them civilians, and members of the Australian military armed forces. Peter has a gift for elevating his students, believing that their physical abilities are closely linked to their emotional and mental health. As a result, Sifu Peter continues to enjoy the diverse range of students who seek him out, from both domestic and international origin, through his Eastern Kung Fu Academy.

Course Topics

  • 1


    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Get stronger

    • Exercise with Sifu Peter

  • 3

    1. Advanced Footwork

    • Wing Chun Advanced Footwork

    • Step 5 - Full Step

    • Full Step Practice

    • Step 6 - Absorbing Step

    • Absorbing Step Practice

    • Step 7 - Side Step

    • Side Step Practice

  • 4

    2. Kicks

    • Wing Chun Kicks

    • Round Kick

    • Round Kick Practice

    • Back Kick

    • Back Kick Practice

    • Side Kick

    • Side Kick Practice

    • Outside Crescent Kick

    • Outside Crescent Kick Practice

    • Inside Crescent Kick

    • Inside Crescent Kick Practice

  • 5

    3. Defences

    • Wing Chun Defences

    • Tan Sao (Palm-Up Arm)

    • Tan Sao Practice

    • Tan/Garn Sao (Sideward Palm) Combination

    • Tan/Garn Sao Practice

    • Pak/Tan Sao Combination

    • Pak/Tan Sao Practice

    • Pak/Bil Sao Combination

    • Pak/Bil Sao Practice

    • Tarn (Bouncing)/Huen Sao Combination

    • Tarn/Huen Sao Practice

  • 6

    4. Combination Kicks

    • Kick Combinations

    • Front/Side Kick Combination

    • Back/Round Kick Combination

    • Outside/Inside Crescent Kick Combination

    • 4 Kick Combination

  • 7

    5. Get Better With Drills

    • Wing Chun Drills

    • Numeric Punch Drill

    • Full Step Kick/Half Step Punch Drill

    • Side Step Punch Drill

    • Side Step Punch & Kick Drill

  • 8

    Next steps

    • Great work! Here's what's next...

    • Before you go...