Ultimate 1-inch punch

Training 1.0

Few things are as impressive in martial arts as a well-executed 1-inch punch. It seems to defy logic, striking from such a short distance, yet throwing the target back with such force. Bruce Lee demonstrated this back in 1964 at the Long Beach International Karate Championships, and since then it’s been one of the most sought-after skills across all styles of martial arts.

By Sigung Joe Molnar

A 40-year veteran in Wing Chun kung Fu, Sigung Joe Molnar has successfully taught many in the art of the 1-inch punch, a technique that popularised Wing Chun. Sigung Joe Molnar has developed the ultimate training program to ensure you develop an impressive 1-inch punch!

  • Detailed video instructions

  • Develop excellent technique

  • Avoid injuries

  • 3 Week guided program, guaranteed to get results